Waterfront Workshops Oct - Nov

Philmont Moving Towards the Master Plan
Location: Philmont Village Hall, 124 Main Street, Philmont
Time: Saturdays in October and November, 3-5pm

A series of free public workshop presentations will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday afternoons from 3pm – 5pm in October and November, beginning on October 17.

Saturday October 17, Linking Past & Future: Historic Interpretation
Rediscovering Philmont's industrial history of harnessing water power, presented by Matthew Kierstead of Milestone Heritage Consulting. Matt Kierstead is an industrial historian and recognized authority on the cultural role of industrial heritage, including the revitalization of historic mills, and cleanup of the mining and quarrying industries in the Northeast. He will be presenting on Philmont's historic mills and re-purposing mills and waterways of Summit Lake and Agawamuck Creek.

Saturday October 24, Philmont's Micro-hydro Possibilities
An in-depth look at the potential for micro-hydro presented by Hydropower Consulting
Specialists. Celeste Fay, principal engineer and environmental protection and mitigation
specialist, was one of ten influential women recognized in 2014 by the PennWell's Hydro
Group as having unique talents and vision making significant contributions for the use of
micro-hydro in the US. Hydropower Consulting is currently assembling a micro-hydro
assessment of Summit Lake Dam and waterways of the historic canals and holding ponds in
Philmont as a part of the Brownfield Opportunity Area program grant.

Saturday November 7, Repowering Philmont's Future with Water
Examples of other communities restoring their waterfronts, presented by Jeff Anzevino, AICP,
Scenic Hudson. Based on the beautifully illustrated Scenic Hudson book,
Revitalizing Hudson Riverfronts: Illustrated Conservation & Development Strategies for
Creating Healthy, Prosperous Communities, this presentation will show how communities in
upstate New York are working to enhance and preserve the unique qualities of their
waterfronts, and how revitalization of Summit Lake and its historic mills can stimulate the
village economy, connect people to the waterfront, protect the environment, and offer
redevelopment potential for Philmont.

The Village of Philmont, in cooperation with Philmont Beautification, Inc. applied for State
funding through the Brownfield Opportunity Areas program. In 2012 the Village was awarded
a grant to examine the redevelopment potential for the waterfront and vacant mills. The net
result of the project will be a strategic plan that will help create jobs, support environmental
remediation, revitalize the Village as a whole, and expand the tax base that has been
adversely affected by vacant industrial sites.

Since the fall of 2014 the Committee and its consultant team, led by Elan Planning & Design,
have had twelve meetings, met with dozens of residents and business owners, and held a
community-wide open house. Based on this input, a draft Vision and Set of Goals have been
crafted. A survey of the Summit Reservoir/Lake is now complete and an analysis is helping
guide an evaluation of economic opportunities. Currently the Committee is defining
recommendations to support the overall vision and goals with the expected completion this



A call for crafters, holiday horticulture, value-added foods, christmas trees, weavers, doll makers, photographs, paintings, natural yarns, shoemaking, self published books, handbags, pottery, health & beauty products, recycled artifacts, glass ware, patchwork quilts, pillows, glass works, table clothes, home wares, baking, toys, board games, basket makers, dolls houses, re-purposed clothes, iron works,  pet gifts, and more.



It’s that time of year folks. A call to all bakers and local restaurants.
Philmont Farmers Market’s APPLE PIE CONTEST is taking place this Sunday, Oct 4th.

Bring your entries to the market 9am to 10am. Judging will start at 12noon. Large slices will be served for $2.50 supporting the market’s Food Stamp program while the judging is taking place!
You can taste, offer your comments, and join in.
Who are the judges? Two well known farmers known for loving a good slice of fresh apple pie!

One winner takes all – market box jammed packed with foods, a gift certificate for the Co-op Curbside Cafe food truck, a home and health product gift, and other items coming in from merchants as surprises!

All pies must have a sheet providing:
Name of entry
Contact information
Ingredients used
Farmer / orchard apples purchased
If you pick from your own apple tree – let us know if organically raised – no-spray

Local Local Local PLEASE!

Please send email if you need more information /

Philmont Farmers Market
116 Main St. Opposite Local 111
10am – 2pm – every Sunday.


Farmers Market 


OPEN HOUSE - Making of the Philmont Waterfront

24th Febuary, 2015.

The Open House will be an all-day event where community members can drop by the Karen Garafalo Cultural Center from 11am to 7pm to visit and discuss the Making of the Philmont Waterfront with Elan Planning & Design, engaged by the Village of Philmont to create a plan for the waterfront and surorunding area to contribute towards an economic development plan for the ongoing revitalization in the village.

Drop us a comment here to contribute your ideas.