Main Street Program

 Main Street Program

  • Do you own a mixed-use building or a business on Main Street?
  • Thinking of relocating your business to Philmont?
  • Does your building or storefront need restoration?
  • Do you have a vacant storefront for rent?
To get involved, give us a call!  (518) 697 0038 

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The Main St. Program has assisted over 41 public/private investment revitalization projects including 22 building renovations located in the downtown corridor.  Public funding for these projects was awarded by three New York Main Street program awards (2005-2007 & 2007-2009, and 2010-2014), the Rural Area Revitalization Program, and the NYS Community Investment Fund matched with private investments.  PBI additionally spear headed two properties to become eligible for the New York State Historic Registry.

The organization received  a "model program" citation from NYS Homes and Community Renewal at the opening reception of the PB Inc Resource Center in November 2012.  hear the audio.

 Main Street revitalization is intended to increase economic health and vibrancy to the Village of Philmont, providing increased small business employment opportunities, local contractor involvement, small business development, and a reinvestment of pride in the community. Priority is given to buildings that have experienced sustained physical deterioration, decay, neglect, and are located in a concentrated area that have a significant number of substandard buildings, vacant residential LI rental units and/or commercial store fronts.

2018 - As a component of the organization's business and strategic planning we will be continuing Community Conversations utilizing best practices learned through the Main Street program to now expand the reach of the organization's housing program to include a village wide scattered housing plan.  We will be asking some basic questions with an objective of writing a housing plan:  is the village currently serving the housing needs of the growing sectors in agriculture, artisan & trades co-working spaces increasing in the village, alternative health care providers wanting to relocate to the village, and demographic changes taking place in the employment sectors of working families wanting to live and walk to work?  Please contact us to become a part of the conversation. 

A Selection of Main Street Assisted Buildings:




Local 111, a 2006-2007 Main St. Program re-adapt project turning a previous auto shop into a wildly successful organic farm-to-table restaurant designed by architect Linda Gatter of Gatter Associates.





Visit Philmont to taste and enjoy Chef Josephine's menu of seasonal farm-to-table locavore delights. 













105 Main St.   Restoration of a multi-family affordable housing renovation project involving restoring the roof, porch, replacing the railings, restoring the garden pathway, and general landscaping.



102-104 Main St. A double storefront restoration of a circa 1800's mixed-use Main St. building, including renovations of affordable housing apartments, including a new affordable housing apartment built at the back of the building, and the restoration of two new storefront facades restoring the building to it's original usage on the Main St.






113 Main St.  A green energy efficient building renovation project including a facade shop-front re-design creating a Victorian-styled storefront. The building is ADA compliant and includes green energy elements such as a geo-thermal heating/cooling system  with a radiant heating supply system, an energy-star roofing, and use of reclaimed building materials reducing the landfill by over 40%. 

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Click here to see park designs for Village owned Pocket Park renovated over the summer/fall of 2010, including park designs by Norman Mintz.

See the Firehouse Community Tea House Grant Report 4/2012






119 Main St. Mixed-use building renovation with 2 LI apartments, storefront, parking lot, and landscaping. Now housing the Davala Realestate office.








117 Main St.  A Village owned re-purpose of an infill site turned into a small public pocket park and a community garden. 



140 Main St.  - 3 LI multi-family rental                     102-104 Main St. - mixed-use storefronts




12 Main St. Public House - a facade restoration project and small business building renovation project providing excellent organic local farm-to-table pub fare, outdoor deck for dining, a selection of local on tap beers, and vibrant local music scene.






















116 Main St. A re-purpose gut-rehab and facade restoration of a previous gas/convenience into a direct market local food co-op with a cafe, commercial kitchen, and farm market. Scheduled to open in 2018. See localized food project.



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