2018 Fund Appeal

A message from Sally Baker, Executive Director

"Rediscovering our history to grow the future together."

Over the many years of bringing revitalization programs to Philmont, our organization and many volunteers have dedicated a tremendous effort towards producing a visible change in the downtown. We hope you will want to join in this amazing experience!

Change is happening, revitalization looks more possible every year. Folks tell us they want to contribute to help us take the next steps forward.  This is warming news as we start to concentrate on those next steps and move outwards from the downtown to address the revitalization of Summit Lake, the entry of the Harlem Valley Railtrail, restoring the waterfront and lakeside park, and take a closer look at the beautiful historic housing stock. It calls out for attention and dollars to prevent the loss of more historic buildings in Philmont. 

As a local grass-roots nonprofit dedicated to "raising the barn" together we're asking you to help us this year by making a donation, large or small, which will help raise the much needed community match for continued revitalization.   

Although we have a good track record of grant making, it is often the capacity to demonstrate a community match which adds the defining element for a successful grant proposal for continued community development.  Join with us and your fellow community supporters committed to making a difference in Philmont.

2018 Projects and Programs

  •  Housing assessment mapping - village-wide starting in January.  Volunteer to help create a map of rental housing to assess sub-standard conditions.  Rental housing represents over 51% of residential housing in the village.

  • The PBI Inspirational Team -a 3-5 year community strategic plan for the organization to increase capacity to meet community selected revitalization projects and initiatives.  Please contact us to join this team - info@pbinc.org 

  • Creating a housing plan aimed at finding sustainable and equitable solutions for affordable housing in the village and supporting local economies. THIS PROJECT RECEIVED ITS FIRST GRANT FUNDING IN DECEMBER 2018 from Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.  
  • Planning aimed at implementing the restoration of Summit Lake and the watershed. 10 WORKSHOPS HELD EVERY WEEK SINCE JUNE 2018.

Every donation, large or small, goes a long way in helping to achieve effective programs and projects in Philmont.  Please be generous and make your contribution today by clicking on our secure PayPal Donate or Chip In icons, or by mailing your donation using this form.                                                 

Every contribution counts, and so do you!                                                             Yours very truly,                                                                                                               Sally Baker                                                                                                                       Executive Director


Donations are tax-deductible under the laws for making a charitable donation to a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization. 

2018 Foundation and Agency support received:

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation / HousingUS Fund

Hudson River Bank & Trust Co Foundation - funding our Kids Grow & Cook Program

New Leaf Foundation  / general support

NoVo Foundation - Supporting Thriving Local Economies / general support

USDA Rural Development / Rural Business Enterprise Grant

New York State Homes and Community Renewal - Community Investment Fund

NYS Dept of State / Division of Waterfronts & Communities:  The Summit Reservoir Area Revitalization BOA Project in partnership with the Village of Philmont.