Small Business

Small Business

Small businesses can be assisted by PB Inc. programs when and if the organzation has state grant assistance making small businesses eligible. The PB Inc. Main St. Program assists business property owners with grants aimed at restorations and renovations for storefronts to assist with opening new businesses on the Main St. bringing a renewed vitality and investment to the downtown. The PB Inc Small Business program can assist with business planning, finding a suitable location, and agency referrals for additional assistance.  PB Inc. additionally makes referrals to the Columbia Economic Development Corp for micro-business training courses which can result in participants obtaining start-up funds for a new feasible venture after receiving micro-business certification.

Current small business projects our organization is assisting:

Accomplished!  Co-op/Kitchen swung into action March 2018 turning this previously operated Stewart's Shop gas/convenience store donated in February 2012 to PBI into a local food hot spot with a direct market, a cafe, and a commercial kitchen in collaboration with the Philmont Cooperative.  

Click here to see the finished project!


Click here to read all about the kitchen and the Co-op!


2013 progress report:

We moved the Philmont Farmers' Maket to this site opening in June by expanding the market in support of "Growing Our Co-op Together" launched in April by the Philmont Market & Cafe Cooperative.

Renovations to the building are steadily taking place - take a look inside when you visit the farmers' market, and find out how you can become a part of this community-driven project.

2012 progress report:

In May of this year it was decided by the Co-op Board, Owner-mebmers, and PB Inc to form a Collaboaration Team to move this project forward working in collaboration.  The 116 Co-op Collaboration Team includes two Co-op Board Members, two PB Inc Board members, and three Co-op owner-members, including a local farmer.   We've been very busy holding meetings every Tuesday evening at the PB Inc Resource Center and are all working well together.  Since May, the project has received assistance from the Hudson Valley Agri-Business Development Corp collecting vital market study information and assistance with the Co-op business plan and feasibility study.  It was advised by HVADC that we would do well if we redeveloped our business plan to meet the challenges of opening in such a small community.   We were given 4 co-op models in rural areas by HVADC to study and found a 5th (copies of these studies are available by request).  Careful study by the Collaboration Team has provided us a direction to take that may result in a low risk venture and could contribute to a sustainable and profitable co-op for the community.   With this goal in sight,  four members of the Collaboration Team took a road trip all the way to Wooster, Ohio in October to take a two day workshop at the Local Roots Co-op detailing their successful business model and their work with local farmers.  In addition. the Collaboration Team have been reviewing surrounding grocery store competition, analyzing retail food prices in Columbia County, assessing local food sources, and determining the potential customer base for the store.


Made in Philmont

Community Day 2008 featured a fun community day project.   "Made in Philmont"  a consumer's delight. Visitors to the 119 Main Street storefront experienced the hidden treasures of artists, artisans, photographers, stone masons, contractors, book illustrators, couture accessories, cabinetry, organic health products, music, hand made furniture, web design, and more, showcasing the abundance of talent and homegrown businesses located in the heart of the Village of Philmont.

Made in Philmont, led naturally into starting the Philmont Farmers' Market in 2009, providing the opportunity for local crafters to vend and exhibit their work on a weekly basis at the market, which they do!  

If you have a homegrown business located in Philmont, please contact us.