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Assemblymember Didi Barrett presents Assembly resolution in honor of Farmers Market Appreciation Month to members of the Philmont Market Cooperative and farmers who participate in the Philmont Farmers Market.

Left to right -Miriah Winnie, Charlie Doheny, Sally Baker, Wade, Assemblymember Didi Barrett, James Dooling, Irene Young, Elizabeth Angello, Lynda Ackerman, Abby Laufer, Koen van der Mere, Cathy Zises, and Dexter.   

Rural Intelligence / June 2016 / Roads Less Traveled: Out of the Way Places We Love, Part 2


Hudson Valley Magazine /December 2015 / Hudson Valley Hero / Alia Akkam

It was the purchase of a now-antiquated fax machine that changed Sally Baker’s life. “It was $1,500, and I thought, ‘If I buy one of those, I can move anywhere,’ ” reflects the cofounder and executive director of Philmont Beautification, Inc. (PBInc).

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Local Economies Project / August 2015 / Philmont Beautification, Revitalizaing a Columbia County Community

Revitalizing a community can start with the simplest of gestures. In the Columbia County village of Philmont, it began with picking up trash.


Rural Intelligence / Love in a Truck / Jamie Larson


You may recall that rare, contented feeling you get when noticing a group of people working towards an altruistic goal, individuals who not only mean what they say but are actually capable and talented enough to succeed at it.





Register Star / February 20, 2013  Food Truck at Stewart's Ok'd

PHILMONT — The Philmont Market and Cafe co-op received approval from the village of Philmont Planning Board Tuesday to proceed with plans for a food trailer at the former Stewart’s building on Main Street.


Register Star / April 2, 2012   New project in Philmont asks what's important to you

A new project that has launched in Philmont seeks local input about what aspects of the village need the most development. The project will be open for each weekend for the next three months, giving residents an opportunity to let their opinions be known without having to take too much time out of their schedules.  This project was developed by Chris Redwing, a public policy major in his senior year at the (Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy at SUNY Albany. Redwing wants to get more people involved in the process of improving Philmont,…full article

Farming our Future Conference - Revitalizing our Communities Through Food and Agriculture  Philmont Beautification, Inc., a grass-roots 501 c 3 nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by five professional women dedicated to revitalization programs and economic development in the hamlet of Philmont in Columbia County. ...full article 

 Register Star / February 27, 2012   Philmont Beautification acquires Main St property The Board of Directors of Philmont Beautification, Inc., (PB), a grassroots community development organization, have announced that Stewart’s Shops has donated its former convenience store to the group.  The property donated consists of a 2,100-square-foot building located on more than an acre at 116 Main Street.  “The donation has provided a head start for renovating the building and site and taking the next steps of Main Street development in Philmont,” said Sally Baker, executive director of Philmont Beautification……full article 

NYS Homes and Community Renewal / November 27, 2011                                                                Karl Gustafson, Director of the NYS Main St. Program congratulates Philmont Beautification, Inc., for developing a model Main St.  program at the ribbon cutting for the PB Inc Resource Center……audio WXCG Hudson Radio full recording

Line up holding the ribbon left to right: Kenneth J Flood, Commissioner of Economic Developmental Columbia County; Charles Nichols, local historian; Mary Artese, PBInc bookkeeper; Peter Buckbee, head gardener and co-designer of the Firehouse Community Tea Garden; Timothy Smith, stonemason T.D. Smith Stonemasonry; Philip Gellert, Northern Empire Realty & PB Inc Main St. Program participant with 2 recently completed storefront restorations on the Main St.; Mayor Clarence Speed, Mayor of Philmont; Sally Baker, co-founder & Executive Director of PB Inc; Kate Martino co-founder of PB Inc; Carolyn Stern, co-founder of PB Inc; Barbara Sagal, ex-offico co-founder of PB Inc and Village of Philmont Trustee; Vicky Brill, artist; Karl Gustafson, Director of the New York Main St. Program at the NYS Office of Community Renewal; Matthew Nelson, President of the NYS Office of Community Renewal; Jill Gellert, Chief Financial Officer at Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.       

Register Star / October 17, 2011   Connecting the dots for Philmont Beauty                    The Philmont Beautification Inc. Main St. Program and the village of Philmont Streetscape Committee hosted a presentation Saturday morning. ….. Vice President of Projects for Public Spaces (PPS) Phil Myrick and member of PPS Norman Mintz presented their ideas of how to bring life back to the main street in Philmont. They presented examples from other towns’ and villages’ Main Street revitalizations that they took part in.  We need to focus on transforming Philmont from, “a town you can’t wait to get through to a place that you do not want to leave,” said Myrick…..full article

Register Star / October 17, 2011  Resource Center opens with salute to mason                                  On Thursday night the Philmont Beautification Inc. Resource Center opened its doors for the first time since being restored from a barber shop to a quaint, yet appealingly modern building with a carefully crafted entertaining platform nestled outside.  An exhibit entitled “30 Years of Tim Smith Stonemasonry in Columbia County,” displayed photographs hung on the interior walls inside of the center.  The photos, by Steve Benson, portray the details of masonry work done throughout the county by Timothy Smith and his masons of T.D. Smith Stonemasonry,…..full article

Register Star / December 18, 2011  Co-op grocery store slated for Stewart’s                                       By April 2011, the former Stewart’s shop at 116 Main St. in Philmont will be the home to a cooperatively-run grocery store and cafe, Philmont Beautification Inc. Executive Director Sally Baker said Thursday. The ink was not yet dry on a lease agreement PB signed with Stewart’s Corp, with an option to purchase the building…..full article

Register Star / January 4, 2011  Community flocks to co-op meeting                                                  

In one of the best turnouts for a community meeting in recent village history, about 135 residents of Philmont and Claverack packed Village Hall Sunday afternoon to talk about the food co-op and café planned for the former Stewart’s Shop location at 116 Main St…..full article



Chronogram / July 27, 2010  Rural Urbanity Jamie Larson                                                            

 Takes a look at the evolution of Hudson and Columbia. Local Love 
Philmont Beautification, Inc., was formed in 2000 by a group of citizens who wanted to see the village they love thrive instead of languish. The organization connects local businesses with grants, creates low-income housing opportunities, promotes local art, runs youth programs, and hosts the Philmont Farmers Market on summer Sundays. While it behaves like any small farmers market on the surface, behind the stands of fresh local produce, dairy, and breads PBI is doing more by helping farmers sell directly to restaurants and make their crops more profitable…..full article   

ccScoop online magazine / September 9, 2009 Philmont Farmers Market                               It seems impossible, but it can sometimes be hard to arrange your weekend in a way that gets you to a farmers market,....full article                                                                                                                                                            


 Register Star / August 24, 2009  Farmers’ market in eye of hurricane for change in Philmont  

The Philmont Farmers Market, operated by community organization Philmont Beautification, Inc., has some big plans. The social function and economic showcasing of a farmers’ market ties into a greater vision for the revitalization of the village, as well as the rebirth of community support from the inside out…..full article


Register Star / October 27, 2009  Artwork on Main St. building upsets some 

The multicolored wall was decorated by about 60 community members as part of 350 Climate Day, a day of activism sponsored by, a  grassroots global campaign against climate change.  Similar installations went up around the world, and are featured on the Web site. Philmont Beautification Inc, sponsored the local installation.  full article   see the Action