Summit Lake and Its Watercourse Plan - BOA Step 2. Nomination




Working Groups - meet to revise Community Participation Plan

Milestone Heritage - watercourse sketch overlay on a 1900's Sanborn Map

We are pleased to announce the release of the Summit Lake and Its Watercourse BOA Step II Nomination.  This study invites the community to rethink the opportunities for redevelopment within the context of the ongoing revitalization of the village, and the potential re-use of vacant mills, restoration of Summit Lake, the downtown gateway, public parks and re-purposing of land owned by the village.

A full color printed copy of the BOA Step 2 study is available at the Village Office and on the Village web site.  To download click here for the BOA study and here for the Appendices.

PBI would like to thank the Steering Committee consisting of residents, business owners, Village Trustees, and the Columbia Land Conservancy who contributed their oversight of the  BOA Step 2 Nomination planning process, and many hours of volunteer time which additionally provided the vital 10% community match to the Brownfield Opportunity Areas grant awarded by the NYS Department of State Office of Planning and Development.

Watch this space for annoucements of events and community outreach invitations to join working groups being assembled to implement the vision, goals and objectives of the Summit Lake and Its Watercourse study. 

This next step will be carried out by the Village of Philmont in partnership with PBI continuing as Project Manager as a Step 3 BOA process.  It is aimed at the redevelopment of 17 strategic sites selected by the community, including Summit Lake, the lake waterfront, the lakeshore Community Center & park, the Canal Street Mill and parking lots, the entry of the Harlem Valley Rail Trial, and vacant buildings located on Main Street identified in the study as neighborhood catalyst sites.

Please contact us if you would like more information, have an interest in a vacant property, are a commercial real estate developer, or would like to join one of the working groups.  Send PBI an email at

 "Conserving Our Past to Revitalize Our Future"

March 20, 2012:  The Village of Philmont was included in an announcement made by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of $3.45 million in grants through the "Brownfield Opportunity Areas" (BOA) program for 15 communities throughout the state. The grants will help create jobs, support environmental remediation, revitalize communities, and expand the tax base in distressed neighborhoods that have been adversely affected by brownfield sites. If Philmont is of interest to you click here to see "What is a BOA and how will it impact me?"

Brownfields are dormant properties where contamination has impeded redevelopment, turning the properties into economic and environmental drains on localities. The BOA grants support programs aimed at redeveloping brownfields.

"Turning brownfields into vibrant sites that attract investment and create jobs is another step in our mission to rebuild the economy of New York State," Governor Cuomo said. "These grants will revitalize communities throughout the state, provide opportunities for crucial economic development, and allow businesses and neighborhoods to thrive once more. As these individual communities are restored, New York State as a whole will prosper."  Read more   

                                 EVENTS AND PRESENTATIONS     




Click here to see the full Power Point presentation

 Summit Lake is protected as a class B waterbody with federally protected wetlands at the top of the lake.

What is the Village of Philmont BOA project and how will it impact me?

The Village of Philmont intends to complete a Nomination Strategy for an area with two potential brownfield sites that are located within the Summit Reservoir Revitalization Area. The area includes the Summit Reservoir, a 21 acre, publicly owned body of water, a critical public amenity, and as such a center catalyst for the area as a natural resource.  

The primary community revitalization objectives to be achieved by this project include, among other objectives:  

1. Creating a sustainable community in Philmont and the Summit Reservoir Area to minimize immediate and long-term impacts on the environment. This community has the potential to harness micro-hydro to decrease the ecological footprint through sustainable energy sources.

2. Creating a community based informed revitalization blue print for the area to include a thorough and in-depth analysis of existing conditions in the area.

3. Producing an economic trend s analysis that recognizes current trends in Philmont, such as, local farming, farm based education, alternative health care and practitioners, and the resurgence of fine craft based trade enterprises.

4. Produce a plan for the reuse potential for properties located in the area with an emphasis on the identification and reuse potential of strategic brownfield sites as catalysts for revitalization.

Anticipated community benefits resulting from this project include creating a plan for a livable neighborhood. This will assist with the attraction of future investments aimed at new uses such as housing stock restoration, retail, commercial and public amenities, such as, the restoration of Summit Reservoir and lake-side parks to improve the quality of life and economic development for the community.

Village of Philmont appointed BOA Step 2 Nomination Executive Steering Committee

Larry Ostrander, Village of Philmont Trustee, Steering Committee Co-Chair
Barbara Sagal , Village of Philmont Trustee, Steering Committee Co-Chair
Sally Baker, Resident of Philmont, PB Inc., Project Management and Administrator
Kathy Abeyatunge, Resident of Philmont, PB Inc., Project Management Assistant
Jean Giblette, Resident of Philmont, Executive Director, High Falls Gardens
Peter Paden, Resident of Ghent, Executive Director, Columbia County Land Conservancy
Thomas Paino, Resident of Philmont
Chris Reed, Resident of Philmont
Christine Vanderlan, Columbia Land Conservancy

BOA Step 2 Documents:

Village of Philmont BOA Step 2 Nomination Work Plan pdf

RFP Questions & Answers Set#1 072613 pdf

Request for Proposals  070913 pdf

Request for Qualifications  010313 pdf

RFQ Questions & Answers Set#1 011413  pdf

BOA Step 2 Community Participation:

DRAFT #1 Community Participation Plan - November 2014 pdf

Summit Reservoir Area Revitalization - Community Participation Presentation July 2013 pdf

Summit Reservoir Area Revitalization Community Presentation  October 2012 pdf

Summary of Public Hearing - August 2010 pdf

Notice of Presentation - September 2012 pdf

Watershed Plan Guidebook - Protecting and Restoring Water Quality pdf

Protection of Waters Program - Dept of Environmental Conservation 

The SEQR Handbook - Dept of Environmental Conservation pdf

SEQR Flowchart - Dept of Environmental Conservation pdf

SEQR and Public Participation - A Citizens Primer 

The SEQR Cookbook - A Step by Step Discussion of the Basic SEQR Process - pdf

Columbia County Environmental Management Council / Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Community Preparedness Plan - EMC Minutes 06-24-13 pdf

Crafting a Lake Protection Ordinance - Urban Lake Management 

Guide to Planning and Zoning Laws of New York State - James A. Coon Local Governement Technical Series

Planning Board Overview - NYS Department of State, Division of Local Government Services pdf

BOA Step 2 Executive Steering Committee Meetings:   

08/25/2012  Agenda       Summary #1 (approved)

09/22/2012  Agenda       Summary #2 (approved)

10/10/2012 Agenda        Summary #3 (approved)

1/26/2013 Agenda          Summary #4 (approved) 

4/13/2013 Agenda          Summary #5 (approved)

9/21/2013 Agenda          Summary #6 (approved)

10/20/2013 Agenda        Summary #7 (approved)

Elan Planning Power Point preentation 10/20/14

10/20/2014 Agenda        Summary #8 Elan#1 (approved)

Elan Planning Power Point presentation  11/17/14

11/17/14 Agenda           Summary #9 Elan#2 (approved)

12/22/14 Agenda           Summary #10 / Elan #3

01/13/15  Focus Group Summary Notes / Public meeting

02/27/15  Open House Summary Notes / Pulbic meeting

03/30/15  Summary Meeting Notes / Elan #4 (approved)

04/13/15  Summary Meeting Notes / Elan #5 (approved)

04/27/15  Agenda         Summary Meeting Notes / Elan #6 (approved)

05/12/15  Agenda         Summary Meeting Notes / Elan #7 (approved)

06/01/15  Agenda         Summary Meeting Notes / Elan #8 (approved)

06/08/15 ETG Economic Market Analysis Meeting Notes / Elan #9 (approved)

                                      Market Analysis - Economic Opportunities for Philmont

                                      Philmont Demographics Report

08/17/15  Agenda         Summary Meeting Notes / Elan #10 (approved)

09/14/15  Agenda         Summary Meeting Notes / Elan #11 (approved)

09/21/15  Agenda         CT Male Report - Summit Lake / Elan #12 (approved)

                                      Bathymetric Measurements Map - Summit Lake

10/01/15                       Progress Brochure

11/18/15                      Open House Summary Notes  - Elan Plnning's last public meeting

03/11/16                      Hydropower feasibility report - HydroPower Consulting

03/21/16                      Summit Lake and watershed feasibilty report - Renewage, Inc / Cover

                                    Summit Lake Water Quality Improvement Analysis Report - Renewage, Inc.


           "Summit Lake and Its Watercourse" 

Reports and Studies of Summit Lake

Summit Lake Reservoir Watershed Assessment

Summit Lake and watershed feasibilty report - Renewage, Inc / Cover

Summit Lake Water Quality Improvement Analysis Report - Renewage, Inc.

Hydropower feasibility report - HydroPower Consulting

CT Male Report - Summit Lake

Bathymetric Measurements Map - Summit Lake

Summit Lake and its Watershed - Behan Planning & Design report



10/17/15   Local Workshop: Linking Past & Future: Historic Interpretation
Rediscovering Philmont's industrial history of harnessing water power, presented by Matthew Kierstead of Milestone Heritage Consulting. Matt Kierstead is an industrial historian and recognized authority on the cultural role of industrial heritage, including the revitalization of historic mills, and cleanup of the mining and quarrying industries in the Northeast. He will be presenting on Philmont's historic mills and re-purposing mills and waterways of Summit Lake and Agawamuck Creek. 

Click here to see a pdf of the above Sanborn map annotated with exisiting mills, holding ponds, and buildings such as Family Dollar and Cumberland Farms.

10/24/15   Local Workshop:  Philmont's Micro-hydro Possibilities
An in-depth look at the potential for micro-hydro presented by Hydropower Consulting
Specialists. Celeste Fay, principal engineer and environmental protection and mitigation
specialist, was one of ten influential women recognized in 2014 by the PennWell's Hydro
Group as having unique talents and vision making significant contributions for the use of
micro-hydro in the US. Hydropower Consulting is currently assembling a micro-hydro
assessment of Summit Lake Dam and waterways of the historic canals and holding ponds in


11/07/15  Local Workshop:  Repowering Philmont's Future with Water
Examples of other communities restoring their waterfronts, presented by Jeff Anzevino, AICP, Scenic Hudson. Based on the beautifully illustrated Scenic Hudson book, Revitalizing Hudson Riverfronts: Illustrated Conservation & Development Strategies for Creating Healthy,Prosperous Communities, this presentation will show how communities in upstate New York are working to enhance and preserve the unique qualities of their waterfronts, and how revitalization of Summit Lake and its historic mills can stimulate the village economy, connect people to the waterfront, protect the environment, and offerredevelopment potential for Philmont.

Revitalizing Hudson Riverfronts - Scenic Hudson

Repowering Philmont's Future with Water - presentation - Scenic Hudson

11/18/15 - An Open House was held in the Village Hall taking public comment for presented concept and framework plans, including,  See Summary Notes

Click here to enlarge - pdf

Click here to enlarge - pdf

 Click here to enlarge - pdf


PBI Project Management Reports:

11/10/2014 - Village Board Meeting project report

12/08/2014 -Village Board Meeting project report

02/09/2015 - Village Board Meeting project report

12/14/2015 - Village Board Meeting project report

01/11/2016 - Village Board Meeting project report

02/08/2016 - Village Board Meeting project report

03/14/2016 - Village Board Meeting project report

Useful Documents:

12/10/2015 Governot Cuomo annoucement of the 2015 Consolidated Funding Application funding and the Upstate Revitalization Initiative awards.

12/3/2015 Governor Cuomo announcement of 11 new Brownfield Opportunity Areas



2002 Village of Philmont Comprehensive Plan

You can see the whole plan (click on link above), or read the plan sections (docs below)


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