Delsia back at the market! Philmont Farmers' Market / Sunday 10am - 1pm

 "Where's Delsia?" I'm missing her famous cookies, carrot cakes, and fresh fruit pies!

Although Delsia can't be at the market vending, her delcious baked goods will be there. 

Thank you Delsia for baking specially for the market so your fans continue enjoying while you manage the Spencertown Country Store!

Want to special order?  .... comment here, or email 


Diamond Hills Farm - Philmont Farmers' Market / SUNDAY 10am-1pm

Welcoming Lori and Jason to the market.  Their pasture raised chicken, and pork is too good to be missed!  more...

Read their profile article by the National Young Farmers Coalition   and leave a comment here.

Bringing to market June 30th


Pasture raised whole chicken 
pork chops 
country style ribs 


Survey ballots & dot survey results as of 5-18-12

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Please drop by the Resource Center to add your voice and thoughts to the Sustainability map and fill out a quick D.E.V.E.L.O.P. community ballot - Chris Redwing will be there to assist you Friday-Sunday 10am to 4pm from April 1st - June 30th.   Click here for more...  or leave a blog comment here.



Recent comments received off-line

On 4/1/2012 9:24 AM, Anna Dawson wrote:


I saw you at the Taconic Hills conference…… I went to the website for Philmont Beautification and saw your great work.  It surely can be a model for other towns.  ……Many thanks to folks like you who bring so much talent to the rural community table.  In the late 1980's it was folks like you who worked three years to prevent a 1000 acre landfill and burnplant from being sited in Stuyvesant.  In the 1970's Stuyvesant folks prevented a nuclear plant.  So much energy and success should not be in vain.  Now we need to find creative solutions to help folks eat well from off the lands that still can come back from overuse and an old fashioned marketing system.”

Anna Dawson
Hometown Foods, LLC


On 4/2/2012 03.19PM, Michael Glasser wrote:

Subject:  A word of encouragement  


I had occasion to briefly visit your town some ten years ago. This past weekend I was provided with a guided tour including lunch at 111 and a walk past many of your projects past, present, future.

Your progress was evident with a clear sense your community has come together in a creative cause.

It was easy to imagine the commitment and excitement you must feel.

I look forward to visiting your charming town before too long.

Best wishes,